New Covid Vaccine Made Possible through Immigration

This amazingly effective vaccine with cutting-edge technology was only made possible because of immigration. BioNtech’s founders are Turkish immigrants and the CEO of American company Pfizer is Greek. Labor Mobility – putting the best people in the right positions – is the magic enabling incredible achievements like this vaccine.


[The following is the full transcript of the blog video: New Covid Vaccine Made Possible through Immigration]

 Hey, there’s some really amazing news today 90% effectiveness for this vaccine predicted by Pfizer and this other biotech company called biotech, wonderful news for humanity, and the entire world, we’re going to be looking forward to a much better spring 2021 than it has been this horrible year 2020. I want to share that not only is this a victory for science, but it’s a victory for immigration. That’s because the founder of this German company that did the heavy lifting on the biotech work, that did some kind of magic with immunology to enable the science to work, that the COVID particles will be attacked and destroyed by our own immune system. That’s amazing. The founders of that company are a husband and wife, team, immigrants from Turkey. And in Germany, they’ve become incredibly successful with their biotech company, and incredibly wealthy, huge success story. It wasn’t easy, but they pulled it off, and partnered with the American company, Pfizer, which is now headed by a Greek immigrant, which is remarkable. You hear interviews with him, and he’s got a really cool accent as he speaks English, but this is a victory for labor mobility, putting the best people in the right seats, getting the right people around the world, in touch with the resources they need to fulfill their full potential and do amazing things that benefit the whole world. These guys clearly will deserve the Nobel Prize.

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